Risk assessment of foundation pit excavation for approach channel in ship lock engineering based on multilevel fuzzy evaluation method
Published: 2019-04-04 Source: Port & Waterway Engineering 2019-03    Hits: 381    share it:

Abstract:The risk factors in the construction of ship lock project are often complex and diverse. In particular, the construction of Zhuzhou second-line ship lock approach channel foundation pit excavation is facing the characteristics of being close to the original first-line ship lock and the tight schedule caused by flood. In view of this situation, the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is combined with fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, and BIM technology is adopted to review the amount of earthwork excavation project in real time to make the risk evaluation process more objective. Fuzzy evaluation risk assessment results show that the foundation pit excavation of the approach channel of Zhuzhou second-line ship lock is of great risk, and the main risk factors are: engineering environmental risk> site management risk> construction risk> technical factor risk> organization and management risk. The evaluation results can be used as a reference for engineering practice and have certain reference value for the risk control of ship lock project construction.

Keywords:ship lock; foundation pit excavation; risk assessment; analytic hierarchy process; fuzzy evaluation

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