Introduction of CWTCA

The China Water Transportation Construction Association (CWTCA) is a nationwide professional organization under the guidance of Ministry of Transport (MOT)established in July 2001. At present, CWTCA has more than 300 members, including diversely leading institutes, colleges, enterprises and governmental bodies in the field of water transport in China.

The key role of CWTCA is a ‘bridge’ linking government and our members for promoting the sustainable development of water transport construction industry nationally. The main activities carried out by CWTCA include:

·           Promoting the industrial strategies, policies and regulations;

·           Providing technical advices for governmental bodies in terms of policy making, planning, as well as day-to-day administration;

·           Developing rules and guidance that enable the progress of the construction sector within waterborne transport;

·           Improving the research, evaluation, formulation and application of industrial standards;

·           Promoting the application and spread of new techniques, new materials and new equipment in water transport sector;

·           Providing consulting services, organizing academic seminars nationally and globally;

·           Organizing professional training.

Up to now, there are seven specialized branches within CWTCA, relating to:

·             Construction, materials and equipment;

·             Designing and standardization;

·             Engineering construction;

·             Projection budget;

·             Port facilities and equipment;

·             Information;  

·             Waterway and channel.


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