Admission Notice

PIANC is the abbreviation of the International Shipping Association (formerly the International Shipping Congress Permanent Association). Founded in 1885, it is the oldest international shipping organization. Its headquarters is in Brussels. The official languages are English and French. At present, there are more than 60 national members, more than 500 company members and more than 2,000 individual members.

PIANC has been committed to promoting the planning, design, construction, renovation and maintenance of industrialized countries and inland waterways, sea access routes, river ports and seaports in industrialized countries. And operations, in addition to PIANC also organize activities related to fishing facilities, water sports and water leisure navigation, making an important contribution to the development of world shipping engineering technology.

ntroduction to the China Chapter

Approved by the State Council, the Ministry of Communications of the People's Republic of China on behalf of China became an official national member of PIANC in 1981, and Director Sun Guoqing of the Department of Science and Technology Education of the Ministry of Communications is the chief representative of China.

Table, the Department of Science and Technology Education of the Ministry of Communications is specifically responsible for this work. In order to better play the role of PIANC, it is more effective to carry out exchange activities with international counterparts in the water transport engineering industry.

Agreed, it was decided to establish the PIANC China Chapter in 2005. The branch secretariat is located in the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Communications and is responsible for the daily work of the specific club. The Ministry of Transport will be in April 2007

I will entrust you with the relevant matters of the International Shipping Association. In May 2008, he successfully hosted the 2008 International Conference and International Shipping Technology Seminar in Beijing.

The role of the China Chapter is to organize academic exchanges, technical training and promotion of experts, scholars and engineering technicians from domestic Hong Kong workers, waterways and related disciplines; to the International Shipping Association

Expert committees recommend experts; recommend excellent papers for academic journals of the International Shipping Association; organize Chinese experts and scholars to participate in international academic exchange activities of the International Shipping Association;

International Shipping Association related activities in China.

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